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The variety of retreat or seminar topics is almost endless. Personal growth programs include such topics as dealing with loss, gender issues, retreats for those with addictions, seminars focused on ecology, peace and justice issues, aging, single parenting, personality types, coping with stress. Contact a center near you for the topic of your interest. A few centers even have family retreats.


 If you are looking for a quiet setting for parish meetings, workshops, seminars or renewal programs, you will find the reflective environment of a retreat center most suitable for adult education and organizational development work. Midweek dates and evening programs will be hosted in a relaxed setting both convenient and productive. Each center has a suggested offering for the different kinds of retreats. Of course, the length of your stay at the retreat center, the number of meals included, and the personal meetings with a director all affect the cost. We suggest that you ask the center when you make your choice of the kind of retreat you will be making. Some centers suggest a specific fee, others ask for an appropriate donation.


Most large metropolitan areas have a retreat center within driving distance. In the United States and Canada there are over 600 centers. Each location has its unique characteristics and a rich heritage and style of spirituality. Information about programs may be obtained from the centers listed from the link at left.


For larger groups the retreating experience usually centers around a central theme: prayer, sacred scripture, the life of Jesus, holiness and marriage, women's / men's spirituality. A presenter or retreat leader provides intervals of talks and periods of reflection or of optional personal sharing. You will be gone from Friday to Sunday afternoon, and you'll feel like you have been away for a week's vacation.